Capital trading is the one true lesson to learn from Elon Musk

Just as the case is for Elon Musk, digital marketing, if played well, will bring about high income for practitioners, says Thompson A.J.

In the face of digital economics, it is right to note that an average individual works towards maximum satisfaction. Usually, this action is always prompt on major units (on to the least unit) of every commodity consumed. As a result, autonomous consumption follows the order of rationality. Rational utility theory implies that the consumer is mastery, as though has freedom over what choice is best. Firstly, he measures the utility he derives from each unit. After that, he considers the cost effectiveness and accustoms to the value (if the utils are things he can work with). A primary approach to thrive guided by this theory, as an entrepreneur, is through tackling strategic problems. Elon Musk, the newly-acclaimed world richest man, does this. In a way, he takes in complaints and sees them as an opportunity to grow.
Capital trading begets capital gains. So, ensuring proper administration and practicing top-notch technical economics should top the list of new-day entrepreneurs. There will be a logical and rapid growth if this happens. Meanwhile, a slack on other components of internal economies of scale will slowdown business development. Prioritizing the plight of the consumer is also a real time duty when there is a will to stay up.
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In a Zoom conference meeting today, Thompson Ayo James talks on the need to focus on capital trading. This is in sequel to the uproar arising over the new status of Elon Musk. Abolade A.R. Omotolani, in the meeting, reported:
“…… It should not be a shock to us all. However, we need to see things better ofd as SMEs administrators. Think of capital trading, let us think more of investment. Therefore, this will help us to double our streams of income. We should also concentrate on the internet, since it is very instrumental in the digital age”, said Thompson.
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“….. Most importantly, I see a way in digital marketing. To me, and in line with prospects, the system will grow for better. Let us learn from the plight of Elon Musk, he is giving his income lines the best. Do not forget that the aim of this movement is to ascertain sustainable development……..”, he added.

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