Buhari pledges focus on agriculture

Rtd. Major General Muhammadu Buhari pawns to fight a chance towards stabilizing agriculture and related sectors.

Do you know that President Buhari stood keen on the agricultural sector during his militarian rule?
Yes, he did.
– Now you know, read the news article below.
Agriculture, from times past, is the major source of revenue to countries in African and off coast. As a result, countries depend on the sector for food crops. A number of subsistence and commercial farmlands are set by the early individuals and their government. So, the surge in the crux of food security extensionally level the then rising economies.
Post-industrial revolution, major world countries diversified or paid less attention to agriculture. Therefore, the need to industrialize their systems do well in laying them off. Likewise, discovering crude oil and other minerals hieghtened this course. After that, banking and other capitalist scheme transcend to a wonder.
Agricultural marketing boards in Nigeria are duly eyeing food sufficiency all through the nation. To them, the lasting solution that President Buhari and his delegates can seek is in “the soil”.
The FEC and President Buhari gets several appeals to revitalize the sector. Farmers interest groups, agric based entrepreneurs and other role players are behind these pleas.
In the prompt session with his special adviser on agriculture, Buhari said :

” Firstly, there is a need to walk through the economic deficiencies caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal executive council is now to focus on agriculture. To clarify, our researches prove the agricultural sector is the way to go. Food security, export promotion as well as farmers welfarism are top on our list. Subsequently, The President Buhari led administration is pledging to undertake this course with ace…….”.

What do you feel about the actions of Buhari on the agricultural sector in spite of the new normal?

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