Boko Haram: ‘Apologize and Covert to Islam’ – Shekau tells new CDS, Irabor

The factional head of the Boko Haram extremists, Sheik Abubakar Ibn Al-shakawi prominently called Shekau, has said in another sound back rub that, the new arrangement of administration bosses won’t accomplish more than what their archetype did in the battle against psychological warfare in the upper east Nigeria.
The Boko Haram profound pioneer, approaches the head of guard staff, Lt General Lucky Irabor to have compassion on himself, atone and convert to Islam.
Shekau, who talked in around ten minutes, likewise approached the Chief of Army staff, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru that his behaviors are un-islamic as such he is not, at this point viewed as a Muslim.
As per Shekau, there will be more fear assaults in the nation, promising that, the exclusive standard set on the new help bosses won’t add up to positive yields and soon Nigerians will realize that the arrangement of the new assistance bosses adds up to nothing as to impact any adjustments in the activities of the agitators in the upper east district.
Both the new Defense Chief, Lt General Lucky Irabor and the new Chief of Army staff, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru have served in Borno state as theater commandants of the activity lafiya give and have effect during their stewardship
Inhabitants of the state have additionally communicated certainty that their return in high limit will venture up on the battle against insurrection in the district having worked in the state and know the landscape well.
Yet, Abubakar Shekau has guaranteed that, he will ruin their situations in the coming days if to confirmation a point about his activities in the upper east district.

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