BIFI Learn & Trade Promo

BIFI Learn & Trade Promo

Stay Smart & Share $140k in Rewards!
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Newbie Welcome Reward:
New users who register for a Binance account during the promotion period with a total trading volume of at least 0.5 BIFI (including buys and sells) across the eligible BIFI trading pair and take the quiz will equally split an exclusive prize pool of $10,000 in BIFI token vouchers.

DYOR Smart Traders Reward:
All users with a total trading volume (including buys and sells) of 2 BIFI or more in the eligible BIFI trading pair and participate in taking the quiz, will qualify for the prize pool distribution.

1. Beefy Finance is a

Answer: Yield Optimizer

2. Beefy uses smart contracts to maximize earnings by

Answer: automatically compounding your interest.

3. On Beefy you can invest in a Liquidity Pool Vault with only one token. This is called

Answer: BeefyZAP

4. BIFI has a limited supply of

Answer: 80,000 Tokens

5. To share Beefy’s profits and earn BIFI, you can stake BIFI in

Answer: the Earnings Pool


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