Biafra: Pay us taxes or die – BNL threatens oil companies, Cameroon government

The Biafra Nations League (BNL) has demanded that oil firms working in the Bakassi Peninsula begin paying taxes to the BNL leadership or face the region’s imminent doom.
The oil companies would be saved if they began paying taxes to the secessionist group’s leadership, according to the secessionist group.
In a statement to DAILYDIGITALNG, BNL’s Deputy National Leader and Head of Operations BBS Media, Ebuta Akor Takon, warned that the group would not take lightly any company that failed to comply with their demands.
The party, which had previously given a quit notice to oil companies in the area, warned of imminent doom if they did not leave, threatening to “take them unawares and they will run” if they did not.
BNL also threatened to demolish billboards in Cameroon-controlled towns on the Bakassi Peninsula bearing the words “Republic of Cameroon.”
This, they say, is a way of punishing President Paul Biya for allegedly assassinating their supporters in the area.
“We’re not going to say when it’ll happen. Our date has been kept a secret. It will happen like a movie trick; we are just announcing it so that when it does, there will be no need to say it is unknown gunmen, unknown gang, or bandits; it will be BNL,” the group said.

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