9 Best Ways To Make Money Online 2021

Best Ways To Make Money Online! Have you wondered how Young boys and girls make money online without stress? Are you comfortable with your current situation?

Yes let’s thank Google for bringing this wonderful opportunity to publish this content  in order for it’s users to search for this wonderful and helpful post.
Gone are those days that people do get so attached to their phones without knowing the best ways to make money online.
Thanks to google which has helped a lot of talented people especially the youth to discover their capability through the use of the internet.
If you are still using your Smartphone just to enter the social media and chat and comment on pictures from morning to night then logout and sleep, then you are doing the wrong thing.
Because at that hour you are using to like and comment, then chatting with friends, there are people also on social media who are busy making money with that same social media.
After hearing this, you may be wondering, how do they do it, do they make it by commenting or having 5000 friends on Facebook?
Well, don’t worry, in this article, I will not only tell you the best ways to make money online with your social media but also I will be showing you few other things you can do online to make money too just like others are cashing out.
making money online is so easy but you need to put few things in place first if you want to make money and that is;

  • Sacrifice

  • Area of money

  • Area of fun

1. Sacrifice
You don’t just wake up from your sleep and start making money on the internet without sacrifice. sacrifice in the area of time, money, fun, etc.
Area of time: you must invest your time to learn
2. Area of money: You will need all the tutorial videos, E-books that you can get. so you need money for subscriptions.
3. Area of fun: People who set a target for an important thing, do not have the time to play around with friends or people for long. because everything about them is to discover new things.

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So here are the best ways to make money online;

  • Graphic Designer

  • Web development

  • Digital marketing

  • Become a tutor

  • Be a group admin

  • Sell your photos

  • Create How-To Videos

  • Become a copywriter

  • Try drop shipping

1. Graphic Designer
The days that you must have a shop before you can make money as a graphic designer has long gone still with the help of the internet.
Just as the content writers are needed on those websites for writing contracts, so are graphic designers.
There is no webpage on the internet without a logo, neither is there a website without a banner.
Making websites makes money through adverts, and many of those banner adverts are designed by the graphic designer.
2. Web development
You don’t have to study computer science before you can become a web developer.
You can start and become a developer through the help of YouTube videos and your dedication to make it work.
As a web developer, you can be doing buying and selling. enter some blogger’s social media groups on Facebook, and forum, be active, and see yourself making money just by building a site for someone.
3. Digital marketing
You don’t need to have an online store before you can become a digital marketer, you can become one by helping people sell their products on the internet and be making money from the sales.
4. Become A Tutor
If you are good at any course, be it Maths, Physics, English, even your native language, you can teach online.
5. Be a group admin
As a group admin, you can choose to monetize your groups by setting a certain amount for members who want to sell their products in the group.
6. Sell Your Photos
Do you have photo skills or live in an area where images are in demand? “Stock photography websites are huge repositories of photographs, covering almost every possible subject you could imagine,” advises International Living. So how does it work? Photographers can upload their images to any one of a number of huge databases, allowing magazine editors, designers or any organization with a website to buy them. And the beauty of stock websites: Photos can be sold any number of times—so you can continue to make money without any effort. Photography sites to check out include ShutterstockPhotoshelter and Getty Images.
7. Create How-To Videos
“In recent years, YouTube has grown into the go-to source for all manner of video courses and guides,” says International Living. “Instructors can monetize their videos by charging a subscription fee or password protecting content for paying customers only.” This article shares some tips from one real estate agent who made $100,000 in one month on YouTube. Another piece of advice from International Living: Get to know the phrases that people search for. To find potential search phrases, start typing “how to [your topic]” into YouTube’s search bar and notice what phrases are generated in the auto-fill dropdown. Make sure to use the same keywords when you write your video title, description, and tags.
8. Become a Copywriter
Want to earn a great income no matter where you live—a house by the sea in Latin America, an historic European city or even on a Greek island? Copywriting could be ideal for you. According to International Living, “copywriting is a mega-industry, ripe with opportunity. And yearning for people who can fuel it with fresh marketing messages and one of the best benefits of the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle is that you can get paid in U.S. dollars…yet live virtually anywhere in the world.” Express Writers has tips on how to become a copywriter and is also a resource for jobs.
As long as you can copy notes, write an assignment at school, make some updates on social media status, you can write.
Every day more websites are added to the internet, and content is published, becoming a writer, can be a great start for you to start making money on the internet.
All you have to do is, learn how to compile those issues coming into your head into one book, and boom, you have generated content.
9. Try Drop-shipping
Have you heard of drop-shipping? It’s a method of retail where the seller doesn’t actually have a physical inventory. Instead, when a customer makes an order, you purchase the item from a third party, and they ship it directly to the customer. “This means you’ll never have to fork over a single dime to store your products or maintain your inventory,” advises International Living. “And you’ll never have to buy products in bulk, hoping to sell enough to recoup your investment.” This method can be done with online selling platforms like eBay or Amazon. You can find out more about drop-shipping in this helpful article from Shopify.
although there are otherwise ways, these are the best ways to make money online.

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