Alot Of Nigerian Celebrities, Politicians Will or May Go Down With Hushpuppi (See How)

Other scams, including schemes that defrauded a U.S. law firm of about $40M, illegally transferred $14.7M from a foreign financial institution and targeted to steal $124M from an English football club until his arrest by the Dubai Police in June 2020.
Hushpuppi allegedly narrated how one of the most celebrated Nigerian super cop Abba Kyari played a major role in his fraudulent activities.
Do u know Abba Kyari denied it, he also posted it on his Facebook page.

According to the US Department of Justice, Hushpuppi had asked Kyari to arrest and jail a fellow fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent after both were locked in a dispute presumably over how to share the $1.1million loot received from the Qatari businessperson.
Vincent subsequently contacted the victim and informed them that they were being scammed by a syndicate involving him and Hushpuppi.
This elicited anger from Hushpuppi, who contacted Kyari to arrest and jail his rival over the dispute. Hushpuppi said Kyari sent pictures of Vincent in jail and subsequently sent his bank account
to him to which a wire transfer should be made for a job well done.
As we speak, the US government has ordered for the arrest of Abba Kyari.
BUT, What If Hush Decided to dragged all the celebrities he had contact with into this mess?
Below are few among several Nigerian celebrities he had contact with before his arrest.

Written by Richard Ndasinibo

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