Akeredolu commends Buhari ahead of Independence

Buhari gets commendations from Akeredolu ahead of Oct 1st celebration.

Rotimi Akeredolu is the executive governor of Ondo, the sunshine state. Assuming office in 2017, the ace diplomat pledges to unify and develop the integral parts of the southwestern metropolis. To clarify, he start off with the goal of initiating quality socioeconomic reforms after the outsend of Olusegun Mimiko. Towards this, he works with his delegates under exclusive structures for diplomatic efficiency.
Meanwhile, it is noteworthy to save the fact that Akeredolu is a great actor in the APC. As a result, he plays crucial but plainly virtual roles in the national activities of the party. That is to say, he is, according to scrutiny, exemplary amongst the league of Southwest gubernatorial heads.
Constitutional provisions maintain that the president is to perform ceremonial functions on National Day celebrations. Since, every first day of October serves as a reminder of the landmark strives for Nigeria’s political freedom. Therefore, it is mandatory for the President Buhari adminstration to commemorate the deeds of our heroes. In sequel to this, The Rtd. General is setting plans to gratulate the great feat.

Akeredolu commends Buhari ahead of Independence

On the other hand, Akeredolu commends Buhari ahead of Independence after Sunday’s service in his church.

He said:

” Nigeria is really witnessing a great turnaround during Buhari’s presidency. Firstly, I give due to thanks to God Almighty for helping us scale through overtime. To be realistic, the economic and social agendas of the president is getting massive follow-ups. I can boldly say that the Muhammadu Buhari adminstration is one of the best we’ve had in years past. However, turning 60 as a country can only make more meaning in the face of popular participation. So, we need the citizenry to be supportive……………………”
Do you think there’s any conspiracy behind Akeredolu’s outburst about Buhari? 👇👇👇

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