Agbado market traders lament over consistent rainfall

Do you know – consistent rainfall means electricity downtime and road blocks in this part of Nigeria?
Good roads like electricity and pipe-borne water are necessities that cannot be alienated in any social setting. Therefore, it is ideal for the government of a country to put them in place. Major socioeconomic theories maintain that creation of amenities is a push up for standard of living. But, is the Ogun/Agbado government turning a deaf ear to this?
Consistent rainfall is natural. However, the happenstances which arise from non-challance is grave. Drainage systems and proper road network are like liniments. That is to say, this is the only way in which the mishaps caused by consistent rainfall get solved.
Agbado is on the SW area of Ifo, Ogun State. Monarchically, the community is under the rulership of the Alagbado of Agbado. HRM Oba Adedayo Shyllon is domicile in an area adjacent to the central market. The commerce of the community is, by right, the function of the grassroot government. So, the monarch liaises with the LGA authorities to control the market and market traders.
From a survey, dailydigital reporters declare that market traders in Agbado lament over consistent rainfall. To clarify, these lamentations centres on the poor state of the roads during the rainy season. Likewise, a respondent who also trades in the market calls on government support for good drainage system.
According to her, Agbado can do better than it is. The people are ready to give full support. From the market traders to the residents, everyone is keen on a better life.
Consistent rainfall in the environ is really affecting traders. Since, their sales and transportational hecks needs an intervention – only which the government can offer.

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