After a viral amputee’s hawker was exposed, the Lagos government withheld a N25 million donation

The Lagos government allegedly discovered lies in the statements of a viral amputee hawker and withheld the N25 million donation made to her.
According to a report by The Nation, Mary Daniel, an Oshodi amputee hawker, said that she lost a leg in a car accident that killed all passengers, including her parents, when she was a teenager.
Days after her hawking picture went viral, a total of 14 million Naira was raised for her, and the Lagos State Government also vowed to take care of her welfare.
Despite the allegations, the Lagos state government has now verified that her father is still alive.
It was also discovered that she had been born with a limb amputated.
Following revelations that her case was staged, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was said to have immediately handed her over to social welfare officials for investigation.
Daniel was receiving odd calls from those who staged her story, threatening to expose the truth unless she paid them their share of the profits, it was learned.
Sanwo-Olu allegedly handed her over to welfare officials in the presence of the police and some Kogi politicians, who attested to her father’s existence.
Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu informed The Nation that the young woman was being held by Social Welfare authorities, not the police, as previously claimed.

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