Adult education and instructional materials: the future and its prospects

In life, there are certain qualities that should accrue to every man. One of this so-many qualities is literacy. To clarify, literacy is not just limited to the ability to read and write simple sentences in an understandable language. It also has to do with speaking, thinking and applying knowledge in everyday activities. From business to interpersonal relations, education plays a vital role in proper co-ordination. However, quite a number of people in today’s world have lived years as illiterates. Hence, their embrace of adult education.
Adult education is a scheme usually organized for people who are way past school-going age. The aim is to equip them (the adults) with the knowledge they were unable to acquire in time past. Likewise, the scheme also aim at exposing the students to better ways of dealing with their responsibilities. From an overview, a lot of people fall back on schooling because they want to stand out. But, do these schools have an environment that can live up to their expectations?
Based on a just-concluded research, our respondents shared their ideas on the fate of adult students in times to come. To start with, a minute number of people comment on a need for a revised curriculum. This is to merge up well with the differentiated schedules of these students. For example, an auxillary nurse who works on a per-time basis should be able to meet up with classes. By so doing, learning becomes easy and a platform is created for advancement of knowledge. In reality, this is the sole aim of adult education.

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Consequently, the same research also came in handy with a list of emphasis from people on the introduction of instructional materials in adult classes. Of a truth, one might want to argue that the students are adults. Therefore, they do not need them. Hitherto, this is a no-no because people have different learning capabilities. That is to say, bringing forth instructional materials will go a long way in helping out.
Adult education


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In addition, our respondents came up with suggestions with respect to the technological sector. Certainly, it is a known fact that the sector is fast-growing and has a lot of impact on other fields. So, from the contributions – the people are suggesting that the ministry of education partners the ministry of science and technology. Note that, the purpose of this partnership is to birth the creation of easy-to-use instructional materials that will facilitate learning.
Instructional materials are useful in adult classes in that they aid understanding, retention and example citation.

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