One Central Command

The world is watching. If you are an IPOB member under oath, you know what it means to be under one central command . If the sit at home order is suspended by DOS, then wait for the next line of action, from the DOS ; our the central command, that’s the way we roll. One thing I know, the heart of this project will never see corruption.
Any unusual vibration in IPOB was ordained by heaven to expose moles and throw impurities out of this sacred order called IPOB. We must continue . We cannot afford to be seen as sheep without shepherd. The sheep hear the voice of the Shepard and they follow him. In a war front , some decisions are taken briskly by the commander and it is the duty of the battalion to obey without complaining. Waiting to understanding the ‘why’ of every command may be disastrous and inimical to the struggle . We are in a battle field and must be seen as such. IPOB as a freedom fighting outfit is not yet a democratic entity where all the Biafrans with their representatives will sit round a table before decision will be taken on every issue. I come in peace because most of you have given your all in this project which should be respected by all the stakeholders.
So many subterranean issues are going both within and outside Nigeria towards the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the restoration of our Nation Biafra peacefully, we don’t expect every move we make to be made public at this moment considering the amount of enemies and saboteurs living within us . We must trust those in the upper echelon in the chains of command in IPOB. We must trust our legal team also.
“The first gift to those in position of authority is trust, until they prove otherwise.
Long Live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
Long Live IPOB!
Long Live All Men and women of good will!
Long Live All lovers of Freedom!

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Written by:Β Obi Emma :

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